What We Do

Carolina Performance and Dyno is a shop specializing in custom EFI tuning of late model Ford and GM cars and trucks. What sets us apart from other dyno shops is our ability to both dyno tune for maximum performance AND street tune for drivability. We begin by utilizing our Dynojet Chassis Dyno to seek out any potential performance gains. From there each vehicle is further evaluated on the street under “normal” driving conditions to ensure the vehicle possesses no bad habits like engine surge, stalls, or any rich/lean conditions that may be present.

We also offer other services like turbo and supercharger installs, water meth kits, nitrous kits, custom stand-alone ECU’s and other performance installs and power adders. And custom EFI installs, wiring, and tuning of early model resto mod/hotrods with modern computer controlled engines.

With over 10 years of custom Ford tuning and 5 years of GM tuning we have the passion, drive and know how to take your vehicle to the next level.

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